CJ-7000III Seiko 510 25/50PL 12H

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The Newest design idea, the advanced printing control system, high quality configuration, super wide printing flatbed, install with 4 to 12 SPT510 printheads the highest speed up to 210 m²/h, which gather high speed and stability together.



Technical Specifications


Model F7312III SPT510_50PL F7312III SPT510_35PL
Printhead Seiko SPT510_50PL Seiko SPT510_35PL
Number of Printheads 12
Printhead Combination 3 x 4
Print Width 3200 mm     126.77 inch
Media Width 3220 mm     129.13 inch
Print Speed Print Mode Speed
High Speed 240×360   2pass   210m2/hr 240×540   3pass   150m2/hr
Medium Speed 180×540   3pass   170m2/hr 240×720   4pass   115m2/hr
Standard Speed 240×5400   3pass   150m2/hr 240×1080   6pass   75m2/hr
Ink Type Ink Type Solvent Ink
Color K / C / M / Y
Ink Supply System Auto consistant ink supply, ink level detector, auto failure alerting
Cleaning Method Single color positive flush (with pressure protection)
RIP Software MainTop RIP
Interface USB 2.0
Printing Assistant System Auto Feeding System Infrared media detective, media feeding & take up system
Heating System Two stage heating system (Print-heating, Post-heating)
Carriage Height The distance between printhead and printing surface can be adjust from 2 ~ 5 mm
Printer Info Voltage AC 220V   50/60Hz
Working Environment Temperature: 22°C – 28°C, Humidity: 40% – 70% RH
Machine Size & Weight 5150mm(L) x 850mm (W) x 1380mm(H)     600kg +/- 15kg
Shipping Size & Weight 5500mm(L) x 1040mm (W)  x 1250mm(H)   820kg +/- 15kg



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